CSW 4-6-2017


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The CSW was a fun experience I’ve been before but I haven’t presented before. I felt prepared and we had ample time to come up with a good idea but my issue was my lack of creativity and artistic skill. I had a lot of ideas starting out but when I tried to envision them […]

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One interesting thing from my secondary research is the fact that parents and give their kids anxiety based off of their own actions. Also the fact that if they fall into a despression because of their untreated anxiety then the kids will model that behavior.

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My strategy is to go over my remaining sources in order to pull out the best info possible and cite them to prove my thesis. I also need to be more proactive when it comes to my work as I tend to do things very last minute which will hurt me in the long run. […]

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My main argument is that parents and caregivers need to take a more active role in their child’s lives in order to promote as healthy social life. I want them to feel obligated to be more involved in their school life and what social settings they are placed in. They should know who their friends […]

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Do you think there is a direct correlation between the way parents raise their children and the way said children learn to function in society? Do parents and caregivers have a unspoken duty to teach their children social cues and how to behave around others? Can a parent or caregivers on stressful life be passed […]

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I want to do an interview for my primary research. I think it’ll be best from my topic because I can get a professional to speak on it and make correlations between the two things in my topic which will further prove my thesis. I would interview one of the therapists at CAPS because they […]

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