The CSW was a fun experience I’ve been before but I haven’t presented before. I felt prepared and we had ample time to come up with a good idea but my issue was my lack of creativity and artistic skill. I had a lot of ideas starting out but when I tried to envision them it didn’t work out. I really did not want to make a poster board because it was so basic but I had to work with what I had. I tried to get some help from friends who’s major is art but they were being lil pieces of shit so they didn’t help me. I liked the convention though there were a lot of people and they all seemed to be interested in the things around them. I was nervous at first when my time started but with each passing person I became less anxious and more confident about my presentation and it showed in my speech. Even I was wedged between two projects that were better than mine people still showed interest in me and thought the theme of it was good. The only I didn’t like was the lack of seats but that’s really nit picky and didn’t bother me much.

In order to increase preparedness for the CSW I would say keep doing what you’re doing. We had enough time and instruction to come up with a good idea and if someone is struggling you make yourself readily available. I don’t think theres much you can do to improve the student experience besides getting them to actually go because once you’re in there things change and you become immersed.


2 thoughts on “4-11-17

  1. I know from presenting right next to you that you were very well prepared. You had a nice looking poster board that caught peoples attention with the baby doll. It was very interesting listening to all you had to teach about your topic.

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