My topic is how lack of teachings on social cues and behaviors can make an adult that can’t function properly in the modern world. Parents have multiple roles when it comes to raising children, they have to house and nurture them but they also need to instill them with values and standards that would allow […]

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My main challenge when it comes to finding academic sources was finding something that was completely about my topic but instead I could only take little chunks out of the work. It’s easier to find regular articles that discuss my topic in full detail but the academic works gave me a lot of trouble. On […]

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I don’t mind peer review, I feel as though it’s beneficial to have multiple people look at your work because they have different perspectives. My only concern with peer review is that my work will get torn to shreds because it’s not good enough even though hasn’t been the case yet. No matter how many […]

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My topic could be controversial depending on who you are asking but it is definitely debatable in my eyes. Telling someone that their child is screwed up in the head solely because of bad parenting is something that would strike up a conversation. Peoples adult behaviors can be shaped by a lot of things but […]

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