1. Do you think there is a direct correlation between the way parents raise their children and the way said children learn to function in society?
  2. Do parents and caregivers have a unspoken duty to teach their children social cues and how to behave around others?
  3. Can a parent or caregivers on stressful life be passed on to their inadvertently and cause adverse effects?
  4. What can a parent or caregiver do to prepare their child for what they may experience in the world?
  5. Should a parent or caregiver even teach their child about being social?
  6. Should they let them go out and learn on their own and develop on their own?
  7. Could the lack of parental guidance and bad experiences cause a child to be reclusive and develop social anxiety?
  8. Lets say a child struggles with social interactions all their life, as an adult could they still learn and/or receive help?

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