My topic is how lack of teachings on social cues and behaviors can make an adult that can’t function properly in the modern world. Parents have multiple roles when it comes to raising children, they have to house and nurture them but they also need to instill them with values and standards that would allow them to survive in the world. Children need their parents to teach them how to deal with people and create lasting friendships with people of all different background. They must have certain ideals ingrained in their mind so they can multifaceted in all types of settings with a variety of people. It’s also important that the child comes to the parent with any issues that may arise so they can extend their learning before they go off on their own.


3 thoughts on “2-9-17

  1. This is really interesting for me to read considering my thesis may possibly changing and focusing on the social interaction and development in children with autism and how it helps them with excel in development.


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