My topic could be controversial depending on who you are asking but it is definitely debatable in my eyes. Telling someone that their child is screwed up in the head solely because of bad parenting is something that would strike up a conversation. Peoples adult behaviors can be shaped by a lot of things but I feel as though the reason why some people come out to be racist, homophobic, or just socially awkward can be traced back to their childhood and the things they’ve experienced in the home.

I will use logos in my paper by bringing up reliable sources of information that describe certain adult behaviors and the research that backs up my claim in order to show my audience the truth. I can incorporate pathos into a paper by trying to relate to my audience by talking about situations we all have been through or someone we know may have been through and show them the reason this took place or the reason why they handled it a certain way is because they were missing some key moments in their development. Kairos would be easy because research on the way people are and why they behave a certain way is always relevant and timely as long as we walk this earth.


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